Wszystkie czasy w strefie UTC (czas letni)

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Smoke rises into the night sky as strong winds push the Thomas Fire across thousands of acres near Santa Paula Diego Reyes Mundial Camiseta , California, U.S., December 4, 2017.
Ferocious winds in Southern California whipped up an explosive wildfire that prompted evacuation orders for about 8,000 homes, authorities said.

The blaze broke out on Monday and grew wildly to more than 124 square kilometers in the hours that followed, consuming vegetation that had not burned in decades Rafael Marquez Mundial Camiseta , said Ventura County Fire Sgt Eric Buschow.

At least 150 structures had been burning, fire officials said. There was no immediate word whether the structures were homes or businesses. More than 27,000 people have been evacuated and a firefighter was injured. There was no word on the extent of the injuries.

The winds were pushing the wildfire towards Santa Paula, a city of 30,000 people about 97 kilometers northwest of Los Angeles. Many of the evacuated homes were in that city.

However, evacuation orders were expanded to houses in Ventura, which is 19 kilometers southwest and has 106 Yasser Corona Mundial Camiseta ,000 residents.

“The fire growth is just absolutely exponential,” said Ventura County Fire Chief Mark Lorenzen. “All that firefighters can do when we have winds like this is get out ahead, evacuate people, and protect structures.”

Thomas Aquinas College, a school with about 350 students, had also been evacuated, with students going home or to those of faculty and staff Nestor Araujo Mundial Camiseta , said the college.

One person was killed in an car accident associated with the fire, officials said.

Winds exceeding 64kph and gusts over 100kph have been reported in the area.


by Xinhua Writer Liu Hongxia

MOSCOW, Dec. 19 (Xinhua) -- It has been more than a decade since Russians woke up to find again their ruble savings sharply depreciate against the U.S. dollar and the euro. Even worse, they would probably have to endure a few years of recession coupled with high inflation risks.

Meanwhile, both the Russian leadership and experts agree that the economy will ride out recession, as the country has started accelerating economic restructuring and diversification.


In his 10th year-end major press conference on Thursday Jose de Jesus Corona Mundial Camiseta , Russian President Vladimir Putin attributed the current economic difficulties primarily to such external factors as falling oil prices and broadening Western sanctions on Moscow.

The oil prices have contracted some 40 percent over the past five months, while the Organization for Petroleum Exporting Countries has so far hinted no decline in oil output.

As a major traditional oil powerhouse, Russia has been counting nearly half of its revenue on energy exports.

Latest reports released by Russia's Central Bank showed that the country's gross domestic product (GDP) growth will slide into negative territory "with high probability" in the first quarter of 2015.

Positive growth could be expected only by the end of 2015, while the GDP in 2016 could shrink by 0.6-0.8 percent before it bounces by up to 1.2 percent in 2017, said the reports, which were based on the oil price of 80 dollars per barrel.

If the oil prices fall under 60 dollars per barrel, the GDP will contract by 4.5-4.7 percent in 2015 Jesus Molina Mexicana Camiseta , according to the central bank.

Capital outflow, which was caused mainly by the increasing Western sanctions that dealt a blow to investors' confidence, will reach 120 billion dollars in 2015, 75 billion in 2016 and 55 billion in 2017, the bank said.

It also noted that the inflation rate was estimated to reach 10 percent this year, and will continue speeding up until the second half of 2015.

On the currency market, the ruble plunged to new lows on Dec. 16 Paul Aguilar Mexicana Camiseta , briefly hitting 100 to euro and 80 to the U.S. dollar in Moscow trading. It has lost nearly half of its value since March.

Putin, at the start of his three-hour press conference, insisted that the economic situation was still on the normal track, and that it would take at most two years to rebound under the most unfavorable scenario.

He said the Central Bank and the government have so far taken "adequate" measures to stem the ruble crisis, while urging the bank to act "a half step quicker."

The financial regulator announced Tuesday a plan to raise its key interest rate by 6.5 percentage points to 17 percent, in a bid to squeeze and lower ruble liquidity and give accesses to foreign exchange liquidity.

Yuri Moseikin, deputy dean of Moscow's Institute of Global Economy and Business Carlos Pena Mexicana Camiseta , said Putin has ground for optimism as "there is simply no fundamental reason for the ruble's nose-diving."

Noting the current economic situation is "far from being catastrophic," the expert said it will still be difficult, because the 17 percent interest rate suffocates Russian producers, who are neither able to receive credits from the West, nor able to afford the domestic credits.

"This is an uneasy choice: either to lower inflation or to deprive producers of economic stimulus," he told Xinhua.


It's nothing new to hear senior Russian officials talking about economic restructuring Jesus Duenas Mexicana Camiseta , yet whether to put it into practice is another story.

Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev said in a joint televised interview on Dec. 10 that should the economic conditions change dramatically, the government will have to revise the scenario for the country's social and economic development and eventually make new budget decisions.

He admitted that it's not easy to change the fact that the country relies considerably on energy exports, which started more than half a century ago.

Putin, meanwhile, said economic restructuring is inevitable if oil prices remain at current level or further fall.

"We presume that we have failed to do a lot of what we planned to do, namely to diversify our economy," he told reporters at the a. Cheap Buccaneers Jerseys Cheap 49ers Jerseys Cheap Sweden Hockey Jerseys Cheap North America Hockey Jerseys Cheap Minnesota Wild Jerseys Cheap Dallas Stars Jerseys Cheap Buffalo Sabres Jerseys Cheap Detroit Red Wings Jerseys Cheap Nashville Predators Jerseys Wholesale Maple Leafs Jerseys

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Wszystkie czasy w strefie UTC (czas letni)

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